PW & WFI Storage and Distribution SystemClean Media Storage & Distribution Systems

RO / WFI Storage & Distribution

Pharmaiech has wide experience in Design. Manufacturing, Supply, Instalation, Commissioning and Validation of WFI / Purified Water Storage & Distribution System, compliant with cGMR USFDA. EHEDG, WHO & ASME (BPE) guidelines.

WFI. RO Tank Salient Features

  • Etlectropolished lo < U.5 Ka lor all internal surfaces of vessels, pipes and components.
  • Return Velocity Controlto avoid Bio-film formation.
  • Orbital welding of al joints with required Boroscopy of weld joints with weld mapping and As built system piping drawing.
  • Sanitation / Sterilization facility with Inbuilt CIP/SIP with recording facility.
  • End point Aseptic Cooler/ Heateras required.
  • Range of scope and activity for turnkey execution.
  • Control/DistributionUnit (Skid).
  • 100% Drainabifily.
  • Water Parameters Measurements Control.


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